We Care

At Minima we care about the environment and the people that live in it. That’s why we use vegetable tanned leather for all our bags and that’s why we support small communities around the globe like our bead producer in Cambodia. Bringing the culture of the Khmer people and the colours of Cambodian land into our designs.

All the ceramic beads are handmade in Siem Reap, home to Angkor Wat and the great Angkor temples. Like Minima, nothing they do is mass-produced.  All beads are completely hand crafted; from the digging and production of the clay, to the rolling, shaping and painting of the beads to the end creation. 

The studios primary objective is to provide sustainable, long term employment in a safe work environment and to offer education and training to their Cambodian staff. 
Training in all aspects of the business are provided from the making of the clay and beads, to the techniques of painting and glazing, to colour and design, and on to marketing, accounting, sales and customer relations. 

Education is encouraged, sending those who have a desire to school, a fair wage is paid and a fresh home cooked lunch is provided daily. 

We are so proud the be a part of this small community in Cambodia. And hope this is just the beginning of supporting more communities around the globe.