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Perth, Australia

Perth, Australia

We are always here to help

Our Story

Minima is an Australian accessories brand, combining traditional craftsmanship and contemporary minimal design, influenced by architectural forms and Scandinavian natural mode.

We’re committed to delivering effortless style that’s trans-seasonal and versatile, while reviving traditional skills. We don't believe in mass production and we don't use any machines - ever! 

In a world where traditional hand craft skills and techniques are dying out due to mechanisation we value making each and every one of our handbags using traditional techniques from around the world. Each piece is carefully cut, assembled and sewn by hand using only the finest Italian vegetable tanned leather. 

By keeping a hands-on role, no two creations are exactly the same, each making its own unique statement. 

The final result is a sustainable range of classic designs with an enduring quality, that are designed to last. We want you to wear our pieces for years to come.

We believe that fashion can be used as a tool for sustainable development, protecting people and the environment, therefore we are continuously looking for ways to improve our supply chain and support small business where possible. Our values lie at the heart of every decision the company makes. 

Behind everything Minima stands for, is the designer and artisan, Amanda Lee.

What began as crafting leather gifts for friends and family quickly turned into a love for Amanda. The Perth-based creative studied her craft in Italy, going beyond handcrafting techniques to learn as much as she could about the leather tanning process,  gaining a holistic view of the industry.