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Perth, Australia

Perth, Australia

We are always here to help

About us

Minima is an Australian accessories brand, combining traditional craftsmanship and contemporary minimal design, influenced by architectural forms and Scandinavian natural mode.
Established by designer and artisan, Amanda Lee, after travelling to Italy to study the art of leatherwork. 

Our bags

We don't believe in mass production and we don't use any machines!
Each and every one of our handbags is 100% hand crafted using traditional techniques from around the world. Each piece is carefully cut, assembled and sewn by hand using only the finest Italian vegetable tanned leather. 
By keeping a hands-on role, no two creations are exactly the same, each making its own unique statement. The final result is a sustainable range of classic timeless designs with an enduring quality. 

Our sandals

Just like our bags, our sandals are designed with function and quality in mind. Our minimal designs combine the classic with the modern for a refined style.

All our sandals are individually handmade in Greece by locally skilled craftsmen using our range of vegetable tanned leathers.

Our leather

All our premium leathers are sourced from Italian vegetable tanned cow hides.
Vegetable tanning is an ancient and traditional craft process that tanneries have passed down over generations. Each hide has unique natural markings and a character of its own.

The raw hides used by our tanneries are the discarded by-products of the food industry - no animal is killed for its skin.

Over time our products will age gracefully and develop a ‘patina’, adding to its uniqueness.

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